born December 14, 1831 at South Kyme, England
died August 11, 1915 Allegan Michigan
Married in the Church of England
at South Kyme, Lincolnshire
Janurary 7, 1853
Eliza Edwards
born August 4, 1833 at Lincolshire, Lizingham, England
died Janurary 27, 1915 - Allegan Michigan
Both are buried at Oakwood Cemetery,
Allegan, Michigan
Their 1st child, a son
was born in East Mendon, New York
on April 24, 1856.
Their 2nd child, a son William
must have been born in
Lee Township - no date.
Their 3rd child, a daughter Charlotte
born Jan 29, 1858 in Manlius.

They adopted daughter Maude Benson also.

William and Eliza Barnett
sailed for America the same year as married,
arriving in New York in June.
After sailing  six  weeks  and  three  days, 
they  were  ship wrecked  and
lost  most of  their belongings.
They first setteled in East Mendon,
Monroe County, NewYork.
They moved to Bedford,(North of Battle Creek)
Calhoun County, Michigan in October 1856.

They moved to Lee Township,
being where Pullman is, in March 1857. 

Here they lived the life of the farmer and bravely endured all the hardships
of the early settlers.

Also being among those brave hearts who took the steps toward making the
country what it is today.

William Barnett served in the War of 1861-1865 as a private in the
1st Michigan Infantry, Company D.
He was among those who experienced all the misery and suffering of a prisoner of war.
He fought in the last battle between the North and the South and received an
honorable discharge
at the close of the war.

The family moved to Cheshire Township, Allegan County in 1866
They lived and farmed there until 1901,
when William retired from farm live and
they moved to Allegan.

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1870 census paper shows William Barnett, age 38,
Eliza, age 37, James W, age 14, Charlotte, age 11 and
looks like Mary E but can't read age - looks like 6/2 or 6/12.
Maybe this is the adopted daughter Maude.