Sheckler's 1927 Ford Model-T Touring car
One time while still living in
Grand Rapids, in the summer
of 1927, the family took a trip
up to Petosky to see Linn's
brother Bruce and wife Euice.
There was a rack on the
drivers side running board for
carrying luggage. It was 
packed full of things needed
for the trip, including a tent
Linn barrowed to camp out.
On the way north, at about noon, they pulled off the road at a spot that looked like a lane that was not being used much - it was at the edge of the woods.  Linn dug a hole in the ground and built a fire in it.  He put stones of good size around the hole and set a fry pan on them.  They had fried potatoes, bacon and eggs, it was enjoyed by all. 
A problem was soon discovered, the tent they had barrowed had worked loose and they lost it. It was planned to use the tent Bruce's back yard because their house was small and his wife was such a whinny, complaining sort of person. They had to stay in the house and they didn't stay long.
Car picture barrowed from the "cubicinch" web site