Samuel and Sarah Adell (Dell) BOWER
Sam and Dell died two weeks apart in the fall of 1932.
They are buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Colon.
Samuel and Sarah

Samuel Young was born in Kelly Twp., Union Co., PA.   When Samuel’s children came of age, they came to Michigan in 1880 with their mother, Elizabeth (Brungard) Bower, and the property was split between their three surviving sons; Samuel Young Bower, (David) Ezra Bower and John Albright Bower.

In 1919 the Bower's took in for a short time, two children whose mother had passed away. They were Teressa  Sheckler, age 6 and Lois Marie Sheckler, Age 3.  Their father, Linn Sheckler was a truck driver and on the road. A son, Lester, age 11 went to live with Alfred Yeatter who lived five families away The other son, Merril age 13, went to live with 
Joseph L. Perry on Fairfax Road All according to 1920 Census.

When Teressa and Lois's uncle Alvin was married in 1920 , they moved in with them in Battle Creek.

Samuel Bower inherited 550 acres in Colon most of Section 12; Colon Township; St. Joseph County.  There is a lot of low land near the creek on the south part of the property.
The house is 860 feet above sea level.

Samuel's father, also Samuel Bower  bought the land in 1832 from the government
Samuel's father died in 1868 in Union Co., PA.

This information came to the Bouwman Web site on Jan 31, 2006 from Jerri Larkin who lives in Three Rivers, MI. She had been reading information on the Sheckler family web page.

Her words were:The reason I am writing is because Teressa and Lois Sheckler are found living with my husband’s great grandparents in 1920.   Their names were Samuel and Sarah Adell (Dell) Bower.  From your site it says Ada died in July of 1919 and the girls went to live with Uncle Alvin and Aunt Hazel.  I see that Alvin wasn’t married until Feb of 1920 – I don’t know if the girls were with our great grandparents since Ada died or they were just there in January when the census was taken.

The Bower homestead is located on Wattles Rd. just over a mile from the town of Colon, in St. Joseph Co. There is a road called Stowell Rd. that T’s into Wattles right across from  the the driveway of the homestead.  

The bank barn Samuel built in 1880-1 is still there and as of last year the original house was, but we were told it would be torn down by the current owner.  Several years ago we went into the house with our video camera.  It had been vacant for many years and gutted.  The kitchen cupboards that opened from the kitchen and dining room as well as the drawers that opened in both rooms were still there.  The huge arched parlor doors were also there.  That room was used as a bedroom for Don’s great-great grandmother, Elizabeth,  and was the location of many of our families earliest Michigan births, including my husband’s grandmother, her two brothers and sister.  Then my husband’s mother and two of her three sisters were also born there.  Don’s mom recently passed in October.  She was born Aug. 3, 1915.  We miss her terribly – she, like your mom had quite vivid memories of the past and great knowledge of the family.  Mom lived with her parents, grand parents and great grandmother for about five years.  She told us they had an old horse named Jim that they used to go the mile and half to Colon.  Mom said they didn’t go often because Jim was so old they were afraid he wouldn’t make it back.

Lester, was living within 5 families from the resident of Samuel Bower in the 1920 census at the home of Alfred Yeatter.  That is also interesting to me.  This may be a bit confusing.  Samuel’s brother Ezra married Barbara Chamberlain, her mother’s maiden name was Catherine Yeatter (Yetter – it’s shown both ways).  Not sure how Alfred is related to her, but I think it may be a nephew.  Merril was a border in 1920 with the residence of Joseph Perry on Fairfax Road, SW of Colon.

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