V-Mail from Merril Sheckler
An Allegan, Michigan WWII Soldier
To Young Friend Sandra Jillson
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Miss Sandra Jillson
139 E. 19 St.
Cpl. Merril Sheckler
25th Sq  13th Sea Group
A.P.O. 959 c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, Cal
Jan. 29, 43

Dear Friend Sandra

I got your letter today and was very glad to hear from you.

you said you had your Xmas shoping all done i bet you had a good time doing that and i bet old Santa was good to you too.

you said Marla had two teeth now. she will soon be big enough to play with i bet you don’t like her much. how do you like to be an old Aunt. ha. ha.

i can’t go sliding down hill here but i was swimming in the Ocean the other day it is about the same as Lake Michigan.

your mother told me you were buying a Bond, I think that is real sure swell. that is what helps boys over here a lot just to think that little boys and girls at home are doing all they can to help us.

Well this will have to be all this time Sandra and you write again.

Best Wishes                                                               Merril                                              

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Notice it took about a week to get from Hawaii to New York

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