Cherryville - Kreidersville Area  There are many SHECKLER'S here.
     Lehigh County lies West of the river              Northhampton County lies  East of the river
     The Lehigh River is a natural boundary between Townships as well, see the light green lines & names.
     VISITOR: . . . . . . dots on map show path Vern & wife Letha traveled, E to W, on October 11, 2000
                       See their photo of the Lehigh River, looking North from bridge in Slatington / Walnutport
                       Note: The train tracks on West side of river, have been removed.
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    See Cemetery Recordings at bottom of page as well as on pages for Indianland and Stone Church.
     If you have any Sheckler Grandparent photos or stories you might want to share,
       please contact Vern at: or call 425 485 8068

See: Settlement Area Map
   These Cemeteries are all South of this map in Northampton County
  Old Town Cemetery, Linden at 10th, Allentown
     Three of Marareth and Friedrich's children are buried here. 
        Peter SCHAECKLER(6) died at age 6 in 1772 and is buried in lot #40.
        Jacob Philip SCHAECKLER(9) died at age 1 in 1772 and is buried in lot #59.
        Catharine SCHAECKLER(10) died at age 1 in 1772 and is buried in lot #60.
  Allen Union Cemetery Burials:
     Jacob A. Sheckler Jr. s/o Jacob A., d. 1907 (61)
        William Henry Sheckler s/o Jacob A.Jr., d. 1941 (73)
  Catasauqua Cemetery Burials:
     Edward Sheckler s/o Jacob, d. 1891 (76y)
        Anna Elizabeth Kessler Sheckler, w/o Edward d. 1871 (46)
        Charles Edward s/o Edward, d. 13 Jan 1920 (74)
           Raymond Columbus Sheckler s/o Charles Edward, d. 1935 (43)

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