Shikellamy State Park
After crossing the Susquehanna river at Sunbury and driving North on US 15 we come
to the Union County Line and also the entrance to the Shikellamy State Park.
This park has a view point looking east over Northumberland, PA and the
North section of Sunbury.  Many Shecklers' have traveled the East side of the river
where the railroad has existed for many years.  The park is in both Union & Snyder Co.
Click on photo for larger view
..In the larger photo above, you will be able make out a bridge across the river that
..extends to just below this view point.
..See photo left.
Down river from this bridge is
an Inflatable Dam. See description.
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Shikellamy State Park
Susquehanna Valley
The park was named in honor of the famous Iroquois Chief Shikellamy. A friend of both the
white men and American Indians,   Chief Shikellamy played a prominent role in the
development of the Pennsylvania frontier in the early and middle 18th century.
Park facilities on Blue Hill opened in 1960.
The Packer's Island complex was dedicated in 1972.