Vern's email August 11, 2011

I made a big mistake in the book, page 19. "Anna Marie" that I listed as "probably Maria", daughter of Friedrich Schaeckler. She actually IS his daughter, Maria, but did not marry Johann Philip Flick, so her husband and children listed there are not related to Maria and should be blanked out. Since her sister, Elizabeth Shackler was baptism sponsor for Daniel, son of Anna Maria __ & Philip Flick, I made the bad choice of saying it was "probably Maria". Now I have proof it is incorrect.

Recently, I discovered that John Philip Flick was the first child of Gerlach Paul Flick. His brother was away from home in the army and Gerlach Paul had a son, Henrich Philipp (Feb 1751), by his brother's wife, Anna Gertruda. The German church records list the child's parents as Gerlach Paul Flick and Anna Gertruda. The baby was listed as illegitimate. Philipp was reared by his uncle, listed as "step-son". Very soon after Philipp's birth, Gerlach Paul left for America, since the Flick family was prominent in the town. Philipp married Anna Marie Jung in Germany. Their first three children: Joh. Martin, Anthonius and Johann Ludwig were born in Germany before Philipp and Anna Marie came to Pennsylvania. At this time, Gerlach Paul Flick met his adult first-born for the first time. Philip lived in that area of Pennsylvania, but didn't live close enough to cause people to question who he was. After they arrived in America, they had at least three more children; Catherine, Daniel and Anna Maria. All three children were those baptized at Zion's Stone Church in Northampton Co. Philipp was listed as "John Philip" instead of Heinrich Philip. 

Now, I have another thing that keeps gnawing at me. Anna Gertraut, daughter of Gerlach Paul Flick and mother of Daniel Sheckler, used her maiden name until she married Edward Greenmeier (whatever spelling). I have searched every record I could find in Northampton County, even the bustard bonds in the county jail. I have found no record of her marriage to a Sheckler, no birth record for Daniel Sheckler, and no church record of his baptism. I found his confirmation record at the church in Bath. The only church records I have not been able to check are the pre-1800 records of the church in Bath, Pennsylvania. The records are in a safety deposit box, are in German and are very, very fragile, I was told.

The question of Daniel Sheckler's father [Any ideas are welcome.]:

1. At the time of Daniel's birth (1784-1795 sometime), John Sheckler was the only son of Friedrich Schaeckler who seems to have been unmarried, so I have called him the unproven father. He was not listed in the Pennsylvania area after the Rev. War, but was listed in Friedrich's will. One person named John Shackler was found in Mississippi Territory records, related to military, and later the same name was listed in the Louisiana Territory. Then a John Shackler died in New Orleans in 1806. I do not know whether this was Friedrich's son or not, or if he was the father of Daniel. If he was the father, then he must have "skipped town".

2. Could his father have been Daniel Martin? Daniel's  and Magdalena's first child was born about the same time as Daniel. The fact that Anna Gertraut Flick named her son Daniel Sheckler, and Daniel Martin Sheckler had no son named Daniel, keep nagging at me. Not too long after this time, Daniel Martin moved to Buffalo Valley. Did he have an affair with Gertraut while his wife was pregnant and needed some distance? Could you watch as you search to see if there is anything about this? It would be in Northampton Co, PA, because that is where Gertraut always lived.

3. Immigrant, Friedrich Schaeckler, was also a widower in this time frame, with a daughter only a few years older than Daniel. The thing that has ruled out the possibility of his being Daniel's father is that he already had a son, Daniel Martin.

Joyce     Aug. 11, 2011

 Vern's answer  -  October, 21- 2011

Hi Joyce

This is a couple months late but I do have a couple thoughts.

 1st I will remove the name “FLICK” from pages:

2nd- Fredrick Jr. was 34 in 1794 where his 7th son has no name and died before 1828 as Daniel did.

3rd Tobias was active in 1974 at age 28 just before he was married.

 4th Daniel Martin too was active with children in 1791, 93, & 95. Who knows?

 As you are the only one I know who really digs into the records; I really don’t know any more.