Marriage Question

The proof of marriage for John Sheckler to Anna Gertraut Flick requires a court, church, or bible record. This has not been located and there is nothing indicating they ever married. Gertraut may have been an unwed mother. Use these words with caution.

Words of genealogist, Joyce Sheckler Heiss: "John was the only son of Frederick (immigrant), at that period in time, who wasn't married and had a family. I believe that John was Daniel's father, that he went west, possibly with a military group that went down the Mississippi to Natchez, and that he never returned. A John Shackler died in New Orleans about 1806, but I do not know whether this was the same John or not. During the Revolutionary War, John was in the militia with Edward Greenmeier, the man who became a widower with four daughters and eventually married Gertraut."

"Daniel's birth date is unknown but he was born sometime between 1784 & 1794. According to records, his mother was born 1 May 1768 and was single in 1788 & 1792, if she was ever married to a Sheckler. She was Edward Greenmeier's wife by 8 Jan 1798. Daniel's first son was born in 1812 (18 years after 1794). I'm not sure how old Daniel was/would have been when he was confirmed & had his first communion 15 Oct 1804 (10 years after 1794)."

"Daniel could have been the son of one of the married Sheckler sons. That was about the time the sons moved to Buffalo Valley. If he had been the son of Daniel, I don't think he would have wanted a bastard child with his name, but John may have named a son after his younger brother, Daniel. So far - nothing. I know nothing about Tobias David Sheckler's family but he had children at the same time, too. If you have any ideas, no matter how 'far out', I'd appreciate it."

"Who was Daniel's father and where is the proof?"