Photos in Pennsylvania taken by our cousins, The Strubles.
Photo of Central Railroad of Pennsylvania as it crossed Struble Property near Zion PA.
Toward the end of August in 1886, Rail cars began being moved into the new works
of the "Struble Mines", about a quarter mile Northwest of this Struble station.
1930 Truck
July 31, 1908 - L.H. Musser and Howard Struble received a new gasoline traction engine
from the Geiser Manufacturing Co. -- the 1st of its kind seen in this area.
It had plenty of power and speed without the irregularity of a steam engine.
But the greatest advantage is that it does away with the fire near the barn.
Many barns have been burned from sparks thrown from thresher engines.
Throwing hay from wagon up to top of stack.

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