Viewing the Sheckler Family Tree
This whole pamphlet may list 40% of names listed in the "Sheckler Book"
The object is to show persons that were or are living  as of the date the book
was published in 1988 and how they fit into the tree.

Generations have nothing to do with the age of any person.  The age a person is
born or married can make any generation vary from 1 to 30 or more years.

Coloring of names depicts persons who were living in 1988.
These persons generally appear in the VII, VIII, IX, and Xth generations,
Counting figures of these living persons appear in red.
Spouses are not included in the living count.
... Orange rectangles are links to pages described within the rectangle, and relate
See Page
 to page numbers at the top and bottom of  pages in this phamplet.
... When printing out the pages, the sheets should break as shown on the monitor.
page 279
Page numbers appearing under a name relate to page numbers as
they appear in  the "Sheckler Book".
The " & " sign appears in front of the spouse married to.
__&.1  means 1st spouse.    __&.2   means 2nd spouse.
State names relate to the state the person or persons were born in.
I have tried very hard to be correct in the placement of names and there spelling.
This the same statement Joyce Sheckler Heiss has made.  99% of this data
has been complied by her through many years of hard work.
Her book contains every name, date and story you can imagine.
There are a few pictures too!
She would like to see this book placed in all Sheckler family homes.
Vern Bouwman