Plowing Snow in the 40's
Linn Sheckler - Truck Driver
Allegan County, Michigan

Vern remembers riding in the big truck, in the cold winter days of the 40's, with his Grandfather
- Linn Sheckler. The truck had a big V-shape plow and a wing that folded out to the right side
of the truck. It was cold out there but Grandma give him a big thurmos of hot chocolate to drink and
the truck did provide some heat. Most of the snow in Allegan County falls within 10-15 miles of
Lake Michigan and their plowing occured west of Fennville. The truck was backed up and rammed
into the snow banks to push the snow away from road intersections. Photo by "The Road Scholar"

Photos obtained from archives of the Allegan County Road Commission in Allegan, Michigan
Linn Sheckler 1st worked out of the Allegan garage where his son Merril also worked for a time.
Merril got Vern's father a job there too but it did not last long. Linn moved to Fennville, built his
last home on Hutchins Lake and continued working for the county for many years. After retiring
he drove school bus for Fennville Schools. He died at the wheel of his bus one morning just
before picking up his 1st passenger.
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1940's Grader
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