The early Sheckler's lived in the central hills of Pennsylvania

Linn Sheckler's father was a prized lecturer and had a traveling tent show.

When they moved to Michigan in 1899 there were several musical instruments in the family

By the year 1955, Linn,
the 1st child of George and Hannah Sheckler, had the guitar,
 2 sets of musical wood bones
and a banjo.

In the diary of George's father, Conrad Sheckler, it tells of times going to singings.
The diary also tells of butchering which could could also be times of singing.

Burl Ives sang much like Grandpa Sheckler. It was in the central room of the Sheckler house
on Hutchins Lake that we heard him sing, before the Television took over.

Uncle Junior has the bones and still plays them.


View VIDEO that some what describes what the singing would have been like.

Harold Sheckler, 2nd child
of George and Hannah Sheckler
had the violin.

This 13 inch banjo is a very popular one made by S. S. Stewart in 1893 which cost maybe $30.

Here is an ad for an 11 inch banjo.

Basic Banjo Construction

When I got the banjo out of house attic at Hutchins Lake, it was in a case. Our moving some 20 times caused a little damage and the case fell apart.

Banjo Peghead

Banjo 13 inch head - 2 strings and 2 clamps missing

Banjo Number

Back side of 13 inch head