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Of Linn and Ada Sheckler
No.2 Lester Sheckler      No.3 Teressa Sheckler
No.4  Lois Marie Sheckler      No.5  Baby Sheckler

Born 31 May, 1906
Died: Feb. 20, 1975
Merril was the oldest of Linn and Ada's children. He retained the ancestoral history papers after his father's death and later passed them off to William Sheckler, son of his brother Lester.

About the time Merril's father Linn had moved to Allegan,  Merril became a farm hand and lived with Ray and Mable (Giles) McNutt on their farm north of Allegan.

Merril served  as a STAFF SARGENT in the Army Airforce for his entire time, in WWII,
on Wheeler A.F.B. in the center of the island
of Oahu, Hawaii.  After the war he returned to the farm.

For several years Merril's nephews,
Bill Sheckler, Jerry Sheckler and LaVerne Bouwman helped during the
summer months on the farm.

In 1947 the farms owner, Ray McNutt passed away.  Mabel's son Bernard was about Merriels age and had a family of his own in Ludington.  In the 60's Merril married Mabel, they sold the farm and bought a home a few miles west at the intersection of M89 and M40.  Mabel died in June of 1983.

Merril and Mable are buried in Rowe Cemetery Allegan Co. MI.

McNutt Farm in 1990 - after Merril and Mabel sold it.

  It looks the same except for some add-ons.
Vern gathered eggs in Chickcoop.
Chicken    Coop
This is the field Vern had a Blue Racer thrown at him

by the Hay Backloader while he moved hay around wagon in 1951.