Perhaps in 1903 Harold and Linn came to Colon to observe magic shows put on by the local druggist or traveling medicine man. They were accustomed to their families Traveling Tent Show, and could play their music instrument's. The Snyder girls, Ollie 18 and Ada 15 were most likely watching them.
This is the view these young people would have see.
Colon was platted in 1844. It was incorporated as a village in 1904.

Mom, Lois Sheckler; said in her memories. "I first remember riding in a buggy, Merril was driving the horse, Lester and I'm sure Tret was there too. It was dark and I don't know where we were going or coming from but the fireflies were flying around the horse and I was scared of them and started crying. I had to have been around 3 or 4 at the time. Merril stopped the horse and Lester caught one of the flies and cupped it in his hand to show me it was nothing to be afraid of." ABOUT 1920.
The boys would some how meet these girls.
Showing off the music skills.

Ada Snyder       and      Linn Sheckler
Harry (Harold) Sheckler    and   Ollie Snyder
Linn married Ada on August 4, 1904
Linn took Ada up north to Petoskey where the
whole Sheckler family was then located.

Their first two children were born there, Merril and Lester.

Around 1912, Trucks became Linn's passion to drive.
They moved closer to Ada's family, Burr Oak. It was close to
the main highway between Detroit and Chicago.
Soooo, Linn was driving something like this.

The first fact that came to me was,
 Ollie was born the same year as
Harry Blackstone.
But Blackstone came to Colon later.

When Harold married Ollie, has not made know, yet.
Ollie gave birth in 1906 to son Elwin,
 but PASSED AWAY 3 days later.
 Harold with his son, remarried to Hallie G. MELLEN.
They lived in Indiana.
Harold would have driven a car like that below.

In Burr Oak, Linn and Ada had 3 three more children; Teressa and my mom Lois.
In 1919, the third child died on birth and so did

Linn remarried to Ethel (Barnett) two years later.
They had a son, Linn Jr.

Mom was born in
Burr Oak, Michigan

Posted by SON:
Lois loved to go over to
play the Victer Victrola
The song she most loved
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