Claude William Sheckler, son of Benjamin R. and Rosalie Sheckler
was born the 14th day of October, 1868
Ben Sheckler, my grandfather,  went into the cattle business, and also had a bee business as a side line.  As a result of the cattle business my father, Claude, became an expert rider and roper.  He at one time, roped a wild cat, tied it up and brought it home. He did the same thing with a coyote. My father was taught  the trade by one of the last of the Spanish Dons, a man by the name of Juan Mendoza.  Mr. Mendoza worked for Ben when Claude was growing up.  My father died in 1952, 83 years old, on the ranch here in Dulzura where we are living at the present time.  My father was bilingual and spoke fluent Spanish.  My father went by the names of Claude W. Sheckler, Claude William Sheckler, William Sheckler, William C. Scheckler and William Claude Sheckler.  I found an old note book in which my mother had put down the dates of birth and death. I had a younger brother who died when he was a baby.  If you should run into the name Benjamin Kimbal Sheckler, that would be him.  He died before he was two years old.

My father's first wife was Bertha Stillwell, mother of Paul.

clipping (Photo with caption):  "Pioneer honored - Hazel Scheckler, a 74 year resident of Dulzura, was introduced by Charlotte Holcomb.  Mrs. Scheckler observed her 94th birthday Saturday at the annual Dulzura Kids Christmas party".

from page 73-74 in "Sheckler Book"    -     by "Donald Eugene Sheckler I"

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