Benjamin Renner

Son of
Adam and Elizabeth Sheckler

was born the 25th day of September, 1838
Union County, Pennsylvania

    Ben had an Aplary in Deep South of California 

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Ben Sheckler, my grandfather, married Rosalie Edwards, Melrose, Illinois soon after the Civil War.  My father was born 1868, Melrose.  Around 1871/72, they moved to Knoxville, Tennessee; bought a boarding house.  Due to the feelings after Civil War, they moved back to Chicago, bought half interest in a butcher shop, but in spring 1873, boarded a train for San Francisco. They met a man who told them San Diego was the place to go.  After a few days in S.F. they took the sidewheeler "Orazaba" to San Diego.  Due to the high costs in the area (cart load of wood, $2.50 and a bucket of drinking water,$.25) they decided to move again.  In summer 1874, they went to the back country of San Diego County. Since there wasn't any road on the U.S. side, they had to travel a good part of the way in Mexico.  My grandparents homesteaded a ranch in Cottonwood Valley, San Diego County, (now Barrett Valley). Some of this story is told in the pages of Highway 94 History.  Ben went into the cattle business, and also had a bee business as a side line.  Ben died 1928, on the old homestead, in the old adobe building he constructed with his own hands back in 1875.  My grandfather, Benjamin, spoke fluent German. See: Maps
I have some papers that list Benjamin Sheckler born 1838; died age 90, now he did fool around with his age at times.  It could have been something that happened during the Civil War.  In a battle he took a 2 ounce slug in the shoulder.  By the time he reached the hospital they were out of morphine, and he had a real tough go at it.  Before he was  completely healed they had him on his way to the front again, which disappointed him to no end.  Somehow or other he became a little bit disoriented and found himself separated from his outfit.  As a result he ended up back in Pennsylvania.  Whatever, he did come up with different birth dates at various times.  It could have been one of the factors in his deciding to move out west.  I have legal papers which listed his middle name as "Renner", and others as "Rudisell".
My father, grandfather and grandmother moved up to Kings County, CA about 1898.  They lived there for several years.  There were a number of dry years in Southern CA and they decided to try someplace else for a change.  They bought a couple of ranches on the Kings River.  The nearby town was called "Layton".

from page 35-36 in "Sheckler Book"    -     by "Donald Eugene Sheckler I"

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