Donald Eugene Sheckler, son of Claude W. and Hazel M. Sheckler
rancher; gold miner; artist; was born the 13th day of April, 1915
My boy Donnie, 13 years old, and I took a trip to South America in 1977.  We drove down through Mexico and Central America; flew into Columbia; stayed a few days in Barranquila; took a jet into Bogota; went by bus, Flota Macarena, over the Andes to Diavo; by bushplane into the jungle country in Eastern Colombia; and stayed at a place called Santa Elena de Upia, on the Upia River near the junction of the Meta.  We stayed 3 months and came home.  I wouldn't recommend if for anyone who didn't have a good basic knowledge of Spanish however.  I was a cowboy for the first thirty some years of my life

from page 109 in "Sheckler Book"   -     Myself

Donald Eugene Sheckler Jr, son of Donald E. and Caroline N. Sheckler
was born the 22nd day of May, 1963
<>Donnie is 6 ft., well trimmed black beard, wavy hair, and a black belt in karate.  He give us no trouble, or anyone else any trouble for that matter.(clipping) When year-end awards were presented at Grossmont college, Donnie Sheckler, 23, (4.0 grade point average) walked off with the top prize for scholarship in mathematics; also won the honor as outstanding student in the Division of Mathematics, Physical and Behavioral Sciences, He intends to enroll at UC San Diego for advanced degrees to prepare for research in physics and a university teaching job.  Donnie began taking karate lessons at age 14 and eventually earned a first-degree black belt.  "Physics is definitely where I'm aimed".

from page 109-110 in "Sheckler Book"    -     by "Donald Eugene Sheckler I"

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