In the 50's Grandpa raised Turkeys. Vern remembers the day the baby chicks came and they were put in the brooder house to keep worm under the heated covers. Later, as they grew, large pens were built-off the ground. The big problem with turkeys is they pick the feathers off of other turkeys. We had to de-beak them, by burning off about 1/3 of their top beak with an electric burner. Very messy. Then Grandpa borrowed canvas jackets for the turkeys to wear as protection.
Linn and Ethel Sheckler's HOME
as built on Hutchins Lake SW of Fennville, MI

The property is entered from the North, between two lifely Pear trees. Take notice on the East side of the drive is a black dirt area, The source of worms for fishing.  Continuing up the drive were more trees, Pear and Apple. Behind them was a low area that could flood easily when the lake was overflowing. On the other side is a large lawn where in the early years it was filled with sand burrs but soon became a lawn that croquet could be played on.
Then came the short steep hill which the house set upon. Dirt from the basement construction, formed a steeper front hill and at the drive way, a rock wall was built to hold the dirt up to a 1st floor level. Grandpa worked for the County Road Commission and knew where large rocks were available. He hauled them in on a flat bed wagon and stacked them up for a wall.
This was done at the back side of the house also. The wall did not hold to well with dirt only and had to be re-built with concrete morter.

The basement drain extended into the creek back water area without a grease trap or anything and became smelly at times.

The last Apple tree has bad memories for LaVerne and Arleen. One time they went down to Bale's cottage without permission and their Grandparents did not know where they were and it was dark at night.  They had to cut their own apple switch from the tree and get a few swipes across their legs.

The garage was built as an extension of the basement and the back porch built over it.
The drive continued to the back of the property where there was a burning barrel and rabbit pens. Grandpa raised rabbits for several years, they tasted just like chicken. The fur was dried and sold to glove manufactures. On the creek side of drive were two large Walnut trees.

The SW side of the property was planted in pine trees which in the year 21st century we can see grew very large.  To the North of these was the garden. It was quite large and much of it was canned.  In the 50's, Vern's Dad raised pickles and he had to keep them free of weeds and picked. He just hated that hoeing.

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