A Michigan - Sheckler Family

My Grandfather was a truck driver when he started his family. That was way back in 1904 when cars where still horseless carriages. The trucks he drove, very well could have been a service motor truck like that shown, right.

Later trucks may have been a 1919 Nash, far left or a 1914 Kisl, left. He probably had cars but the first car remembered here is by his son, Linn Jr., a 1927 Touring Car .

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While living in Allegan at Blood Brothers he upgraded the car. He went to a junk yard and picked up a 1927 sedan body. Removed the touring body, he placed the sedan body on the same chassis.

All car images here, are taken from the web and overlayed on street scenes, also from the we.

In 1938, while Linn Jr. was a freshman in high school, Grand day purchased a 1932 Plymouth. Viewing an image of that years 4 door sedan at right, Notice how the doors opened backward.

In 1941, Linn bought a new 1940, like that below. Junior had a job that helped pay for the car. After graduating from high school he kept working until the car was paid for. He then joined the navy. At the house at Hutchins Lake, the ford was used to pull a 4 wheel trailer loaded with rocks for the stone wall.

When  Junior returned from the navy in 1945 he went to business school in Grand Rapids. The ford was his and he needed it so he bought grand dad a 1941 Plymouth, left.

Some years later, relatives of Junior's wife Gerry, visited from the state of Washington. They had Studebaker and on completing their visit, grand dad bought it. Well he really didn't like this car. It's funny, we can't remember what his next or last car was but we do remember him driving the school bus.

What I do remember well is riding in the snow plow with grand dad. It was very hot in the truck and there was a lot of backing up and hitting the snow banks to push them back.

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