DANIEL MARTIN SHAECKLER, our 2nd Generation Grandfather
was born in 1762 14 years before our nations Independance prob. in Northhampton Co. PA
Daniel's life covered the years
of our 1st 10 Presidents.
He was 27 when George Washington
went into office and died soon after
John Tyler took office.
At age of 20, Daniel was a Pvt.
in the Rev. Army under
Capt. Paul Knause's Co.
At the age of 21, in 1783, he married
Maria Magdalena RENNER, age 20.

..3rd Generation Son

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Other children of Daniel Martin
Johann  married Elizabeth ANTHONY
(branch of Joyce Sheckler Heiss)
moved to Illinois.
Simon married Lydia FRANTZ
moved to Ohio
Jonas Sheckler married Mary ?SEGEL
remained in Buffalo Valley
Mary Magdalene married John GEBHART
and remained in Buffalo Valley
He was the 4th child of
Friedrich and Margaretha Schaeckler
Shaeckler changed to Sheckler
in about 1820

George Washington (1789-1797)
John Adams (1797-1801)
Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)
James Madison (1809-1817)
James Monroe (1817-1825)
John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) Son of John Adams
Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)
Martin Van Buren (1837-1841)
William Henry Harrison (1841)
John Tyler (1841-1845)
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TOBIAS SHECKLER - a 2nd Generation brother
migrated to Union County as his brother  Daniel Martin did, described below. Tobias married Catharina FREDERICKS
who was born in Buffalo Valley, her father a Quaker from Upper Salford, Philadelphia
In the time period of 1790 - 1793 Daniel and his family moved to  Buffalo Valley, Union County
where their 4th, Simon was born. Some of the land they settled on was purchased from
Baldy & Mauch being along east and west sides of road leading to Newberlin, the buildings being
on the East side. Addition property is described next to property of Benjamin Shoemaker
along Lewisburg & Mifflinburg turnpike.

..Maria Magdalena Sheckler died 12 March 1837
Buried in Dreisbach Church Cemetery
Union County, Pennsylvania
Daniel Martin  Sheckler died 30, Aug. 1842
Buried in Dreisbach Church Cemetery
Union County, Pennsylvania
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