CONRAD SHECKLER, our 4th Generation Grandfather
Conrad started writing a DIARY in 1848  which was continued until 1865.
He was a teacher at 27 and at 28 he married
 Mary Ann HAUCK 
age 27,  on Feb. 11, 1851.
She was the eldest child and only daughter of George and Mary (Moyer) Hauck, who
were laid  to  rest in the Mifflinburg cemetery
"HAUCK - German variant of Hugo"
Their son George was born 21 Sept. 1851 in Mifflinburg, PA.

4 years later Conrad was voted to replace his father
Adam as Justice of the Peace

which continued for 50 years. See his Ledger

Conrad's farm, about 3 miles North of Mifflinburg appears on the
Buffalo Valley Map. In April of 1857 he set out a fine peach orchard and
3 years later the first vineyard in West Buffalo Twp.
4th Generation Son GEORGE'S - Michigan Branch Links
George, their only child, married Hannah C. Miller
About 1900 they moved to Michigan.
George Elected- EXAMPLE, See more here
saved over the years

Conrad used this type of train in his travels too.   
In 1883 the 1st Trans-Continental Railroad  was completed.
Conrad was the 1st born child of  Adam and Elizabeth Sheckler
born 9 Jul. 1823,  in Union Co. PA   Conrad was born during the
presidential term of James Monroe in Mifflinburg, PA.

Mary Ann Sheckler died 28 Oct. 1894
Buried in Dreisbach Church Cemetery
Union County, Pennsylvania
Conrad  Sheckler died 7, Jul 1896
Buried in Dreisbach Church Cemetery
Union County, Pennsylvania


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The CIVIL WAR broke out in 1861 when Conrad was  38  years old
and when
Abraham Lincoln became President (1861-1865).

It was several years before any Sheckler had a telephone.
In 1876 the 1st Telephone was created

As they really traveled in the 1800's

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