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   Ada Grace (Snyder)  SHECKLER
 Our 6th Generation Grandmother
d/o Anna & Levi SNYDER; was born 18 March 1888, 
On the Snyder farm in Branch County, Michigan - Click the Farm on Map below.

Ada married Linn E. Sheckler on 31 Aug. 1904  in Colon, Michigan.
Merril Sheckler
was born  31 May, 1906
Lester Sheckler
was born  Sept. 1908
Teressa Sheckler
was born  19 Feb., 1913
Lois Marie Sheckler
was born  21 Mar., 1916
  was born/died on  July 31, 1919
Ada Grace passed away during her 5th baby's birth.
In 2005, Lois paid the cemetery sexton to move the stone north next to her mother
 providing space for the two remaining lots to be sold.

When Ada died, her sons Merriel and Lester were boarded on a dairy farm south west of Colon.
 The farm on Fairfax Rd., was rented by Joseph L. Perry. SPOT [2] On map above.
 Joseph L. was born about 1877, in Canada. His wife, Anna,  was born in Ireland about 1874. 
They had three children: Thomas James born about 1908, John Joseph born about 1912, both born in Maine,
and Alice born in Michigan about 1904.  The 1920 Census lists Merril 13 and Lester 11, as borders.
When Ada died, her daughters Teressa and Lois were also boarded.
They were the Bower homestead on Wattles Road. SPOT [1] On map above.
 After about a year Teressa and Lois were taken in by their Uncle Alvin
who had just been married and lived in Battle Creek.
Read the "Memories of  Lois"
In 2003, Lois and her son Laverne were in Colon where Lois was trying to remember who lived where. 
She was searching in the north east part of town.
 It is apparent now that they should have driven out on the Wattles Road.